Cross Infection Controls
GP Practice / Dentistry Cross Infection Control in compliance with the BDA A12 Advice Sheet

When attempting to reduce Cross Infection within GP Practices and Medical Centres, it is imperative that a number of safe and realistic Infection control procedures are implemented. Such procedures MUST involve the whole of the medical team and should be regularly monitored during all clinical sessions and then discussed at all practice meetings for improvement purposes. The Individual practitioner must ensure that all members of the medical team understand and practise these procedures routinely.

To assist your GP practice or Medical Centre in achieving effective Cross Infection control and decontamination procedures, Safety Priorities Ltd have devised a Cross Infection Control check list that can be down loaded and used to gauge where your practice currently features in compliance with the current BDA - A12 advice sheet on cross infection controls. Also available to download are the Department of Health new decontamination guidelines HTM.

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